Do you, or someone you may know, have knowledge or ideas that would be valuable to share with fellow counselors?  Well here’s your chance for a forum of countless counselors around the state.  Fill out the easy Google Form below and present at the 2019 ArSCA/ADE Counselor Conference this July 8-10, 2019, at the Hot Springs Convention Center in Hot Springs, AR.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Some of the topics counselors around the state are wanting this year are:


Classroom Guidance Lessons

SEL-Elementary and Secondary

Success in Online Learning

Growth Mindset

ASCA National Model

TESS for Counselors


Sensory Processing Disorder

PLCs for Counselors


Handling Stress

Peer Pressure

Anxiety in Children/Teens

Teen Drug Use

Teen Pregnancy


Yoga/Mindfulness Practice

Partnering with Food Banks

Google Classroom

Small Group Guidance

Reaching Kids with Complex Trauma

Needs Assessments and Evaluations of the Program

Therapy Dog Certification in Your School

Legal Issues in Counseling/Ethics




School-based Mental Health

Blended Families-all different kinds of blends

Effective Bullying Programs


Here’s a link to the form:




2019 Conference Chairs

Allison Spraggins

Melissa Allen