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ArSCA Establishes Independence

This summer during the ArSCA/ADE Conference, Arkansas School Counselor Association (ArSCA) members voted to secede from Arkansas Counseling Association (ArCA).  The vote was passed by 91.7%.  Many of you have been asking about the outcome of that vote and questioned why the vote has not been revealed.  Under ArCA bylaws, in order for a division to voluntarily depart from its organization, it must be voted upon by their governing board.  The ArCA governing board meeting did not occur until Saturday, August 29.  Therefore, as of August 29, 2015, Arkansas School Counselor Association (ArSCA) is no longer under the umbrella of Arkansas Counselor Association (ArCA).  

ArSCA is an organization comprised of school counselors who desire to improve the school counseling profession and support Arkansas students’ academic, personal/social and career development so they achieve success.  Throughout the years, there have been many serious issues that affected the school counseling profession and Arkansas students. ArSCA initiated advocacy.

Below are just a few recent areas in which ArSCA has represented you and the students of Arkansas:

  • Charter member of American School Counselors (ASCA) = 50 years of national representation
  • An established and ongoing relationship with ADE
  • Offering professional development designed for the school counseling profession
  • School counselor licensure addressed with Commissioner of Education (only ArSCA members present)
  • Spoke to legislature regarding testing concerns and their negative effect on Arkansas students (ArSCA members, Tawnya Shelton and Robin Finley)
  • Promoting school counseling at a regional level
  • Counselor listserv

Your ArSCA board consists of volunteers who are passionate about the school counseling profession and the students of Arkansas.  We pledge to make this time of transition as smooth and beneficial for you as you continue to guide your students.   If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me or any ArSCA board member. 


Top 10 Reasons to Join ArSCA:
1. Leadership       
Membership in a professional organization offers members leadership opportunities that we might not otherwise have.
2. Political Power 
There is strength in numbers. Our voice can be heard by legislators who pass laws that affect our lives, our jobs and our students.
3. Resources
Valuable information is available that is relevant to counselors (newsletter, list serv, website, etc…) and counselor related issues (state, national, ethical, political, etc…).
4. Professionalism
To be considered a professional in our career of choice, it is essential we are members of the organization that represents our profession.
5. Professional Development Opportunities
Conferences, workshops and meetings throughout the state enhance and promote our profession.
6. Networking
Opportunity to meet and connect with others to improve ourselves personally and professionally.
7. Support
Organization offers more support than could be imagined.  All you have to do is ask.
8. Relationships
Opportunities made available to build life-long relationships with peers.
9. Involvement 
A sense of belonging is available to those who were just born to be involved.
10. Pride
Knowing you are a member of an organization that is making your profession, thus your life and the lives of your peers and students, better… makes you feel nothing other than pride because you are making a difference.

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